Michał Sygut
Professional Photographer


From the very beginning photography was a hobby that very quickly became a passion, a valuable and essential element of life and every single day.

While working on set, he uses the skills of an architect, as for him photography is primarily the creation of scenography, atmosphere, emotions and impressions that eventually evolve into a picture, either digital or analog.

He paints with light, goes deep into the details and arranges it until it creates an amazing effect. His unique works are reflecting the atmosphere and the essence of the situations, places, people or objects.

His temperament and passion do not allow him not to refine the photo from every angle and take care of all the details.
The same pushes him to innovative, sometimes bold and controversial arrangements.

A decade of studying and working as a photographer brought its results in the implementation of projects for advertising agencies, event agencies, furniture manufacturers and architects.

Reportage and people showing their private projects have a very special place in his everyday work.

I invite you to get familiar with my work.